Chris Pratt in The O.C.

take me back to the start: The O.C.

take me back to the start: The O.C.

get to know me meme [4/10 male characters]: Ryan Atwood

"I’ve had a lot of people in my life who just left. I thought those days were gone, but I guess they aren’t."


TV MEME: 1/7 Friendships: Seth Cohen and Ryan Atwood (The O.C)

Seth: "At least I leave you funnier than when I found you."

Ryan: "A lot better off than when you found me."

Seth: "Me too."

I love shopping, tanning and celebrity gossip. Always have, always will.

Seth: Allow me to introduce you to a little something that I like to call Chrismukkah.
Ryan: Chrismukkah?
Seth: That’s right. It’s the new holiday Ryan, and it’s sweeping the nation.


“This is the year that Chrismukkah sweeps the nation, okay people?”